Our Technology

Our Technology

It is paramount at Hanilu Farms to do only two things, raise fish in a stress-free environmentand to provide you with our all natural, antibiotic and chemically free, fresh barramundi. Our aquaculture technology is more efficient and predictable than the standard alternative water management systems. 

After many years of technological enhancements we finally settled on a recirculating aquaculture systems whose elemental properties give our treatment unique reducing, electrochemical and structural water treatment capabilities.

These health promoting anti oxidative properties appear to be directly related to the way we can regulate the redox processes of our barramundi and the effects on different free radicals of oxygen and nitrogen in our water treatment. Changes in this redox status improve feed assimilation, immunological response and overall oxidative stress reduction for our farmed barramundi.

A better water environment makes for a better fresh barramundi from our family to yours. 


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