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Hanilu Farms

Hanilu Farms began as a hobby in 2010, raising largemouth bass outdoors, which continues today. Being introduced into aquaculture by a friend, plus falling into the water numerous times, we were hooked.

In 2017, Hanilu Farms made it official and opened a new indoor Barramundi RAS facility, with the goal of providing a consistent supply of food fish year-round. With an increasing demand for sustainable seafood production, there is a growing trend for land-locked farmers who once raised hogs or cattle to turn to fish farming indoors. When our family left the hog farming business, we knew we wanted to convert the unused swine barn into an indoor aquaculture facility. Leland, Owner/ Operator at Hanilu Farms, had experience working in aquaculture and knew that there was a high demand for sustainably raised seafood. Aquaculture is projected to be the prime source of seafood by 2030 due to growing consumer demand and depletion of the ocean’s resources. In 2017, the barn was converted into a closed containment Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS), in which aquatic organisms are raised in reused treated water. The RAS, which is located in central Indiana and is in operation, is a 34-tank, 130,000-gallon facility that produces around 2,000 pounds of fish per week year-round. This system allows for high-density production in small spaces and are considered one of the most environmentally sustainable aquaculture methods. RAS facilities conserve water and minimize effluent production (waste), reducing the environmental impact of the operation. The farm raises Australian barramundi, also known as Asian sea bass. Hanilu Farms has future plans to increase production due to high demand.

Our team works as a family to create the best environment for our fish, in order to promote health, and optimal growth of the fish.

How we Raise our Fish


Using the latest technology available in our recirculating aquaculture system design, allows us to reuse our water.


Our fish are fed a diet that is tailored specifically for our barramundi. This high -quality feed is formulated for the nutritional requirements of our fish and their specific life stages.


Specialized equipment is used around the clock, at the heart of Hanilu Farms, to ensure the lives of the Barramundi are well maintained.




Continuous Operation




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